This is a free speech website. You can say whatever you want so long as it’s legal.

This website contains what I could find of my writings for the last few years since about 2008. There’s many more things I’ve written that I never saved and were never captured by any archiving source; so much of it’s been lost down the memory hole. Not a big loss because my early writings were really terrible. Even more terrible than what you see here now. Oh the commas!

I published them here as of the dates they were originally published elsewhere. I started making websites and/or contributing to others from 1993 on. If only I could go back and get some of the stuff I did back then! I’ve created and taken down more websites than I can count.

Some women buy shoes. I buy domains.

My interests are varied. I enjoy cooking, gaming, making videos about whatever is going on in the world, and worrying about the rights of all people, not just one demographic. I’m particularly concerned about the diminishing rights of Whites at the expense of multiculturalism (which really just means less White people everywhere), and what this world will look like once our grand children start having children. Will it be a safe welcoming world for them?

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