But, but… White people are criminals too!

You cant state a fact without some idiot negro or guilty white bleating, “But White people commit crimes too! Just look at all the murderous White people!” Jews lead the way in pointing out White crime as they own most of mainstream media and never miss an opportunity to showcase just how evil Whitey really is.

It bores me.

There are huge differences between Whites and blacks, but one of the most glaring is how we treat criminals within our own race. Whites have a much clearer understanding of what’s right, and what’s wrong. We hold accountable those within our race who commit crimes, or are just complete douchebags. We don’t try to get our criminals out of jail using, “THAT’S RAYCISSSSSS!!” as the reasoning. We make those in our race who do wrong pay for their crimes. We don’t turn disgusting criminals into heroes or martyrs.

On the other hand, the black community excuses those among them who are violent criminals – always blaming whatever crime that has just been committed on racism, or big bad mean Whitey. Thug life and behavior is championed, and Jew controlled media is doing everything they can to get as many Whites as possible to sign up. The black community raises their children to hate Whites, and focus their lives on getting back at Whitey and taking everything they can from us. Their heroes are liars, cheaters, murderers, thieves, and the lazy. Blacks consider their criminals victims. In other words, the black community is completely backwards. There is no hope for them.

Isn’t it time we give them what they want and separate ourselves from them? Hell, let them have the whole of the east coast. Lets give them from Maine all the way down to Florida, wall ourselves off from them, and see what happens. No trade, benefits, humanitarian aide, or sharing of resources from the rest of America. I wonder what would happen?

The Negroes would slowly die off. With no tax paying producers, there would be no way to fund entitlement programs. Blacks would be forced to get jobs. Since most blacks don’t like to work they would instead steal from their own. Blacks haven’t proven much skill in working the land and growing enough produce to feed large numbers of people without Whitey to show them how. They would starve. Blacks are filthy and have demonstrated a lack of desire to keep their environments clean. They would become diseased. Sorry, no help from Whitey medicine. Blacks would subjugate their own, just like is being done in Africa as we speak. They would end up killing each other to survive. They would regress to the point of living like their brethren in third world countries, and would beg for the help of Whitey to come save them.

Question is, are we strong enough to just let them die?

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