Escapism And The Modern Man

Modern times are troubling indeed.  They seem to be most troubling for modern men.  Feminism has caused more than it’s fair share of problems all around the world, but mostly in Western countries.  Western men seem to be having the hardest time adjusting to the changes going on in the world, and instead resort to avoidance, or escapism.

Although many men on the internet claim to be using the internet to gain wisdom, or share it;  most seem to be retreating to it to escape realities which they just can’t deal with in any real life way.  Despite claiming to be “Red Pill”, which is supposed to indicate one has gained knowledge of the real truth in all things (knowledge that will help them escape from The Matrix), they’re just as plugged into it as the ones they call “blue pill”.  The only difference between those who claim to be “Red Pill” as opposed to those who they call “Blue Pill” (and lets face it, hardly anyone self identifies as Blue Pill);  is that RP’ers are creating truths which suit their own identities, or benefit themselves or their egos in some way.  In the end, they’re all still living a lie, and fully enmeshed in a matrix.

Just because someone insists something is “Red Pill”, it doesn’t mean that its the all encompassing truth.  Trust but verify they say?  That’s about the only good advice any of these people give.

The internet is a good tool, but its one to be used with a bit of skepticism.  So much on the internet is presented in its most exaggerated form.  Its not always truthful, or authentic.  People are doing an excellent job of creating new truths, new ideals, new rights, and new wrongs — all according to what they are able to deal with psychologically or emotionally.  Is any of it really the truth?

Anyone can find a study to support something they want to believe in.  I tend to believe in very few studies championed on the internet, especially if its used in attempt to bolster “red pill wisdom”.  I used to read a lot about this wisdom that people have seemed to really latch onto.  Little by little I realized that the pill poppers are almost as fanatical as those they attempt to exclude from their very exclusive club.  They’ve created their own form of an “ism”, and it should always be questioned.

Is it a good idea to trust and follow a person, or group, that espouse views that clearly only benefit what they are capable of wrapping their own heads around?  It seems its easier for them to try to simplify matters to the point that no deviation is tolerated.  I’m a big fan of “keeping it simple” too, but sometimes these written in stone truths just don’t work in real life.

I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet.  I don’t have a Facebook account, nor Twitter.  I have learned the most in life by actually living it, and by spending time with those who are older than me.  Much older.

If you ever have the honor and pleasure of spending time with your elders, especially those 60 and above, you will have many authentic truths revealed that you can take with you and use in every day life.  They don’t use terms such as “Red Pill”.  They don’t consider themselves trapped in some silly matrix.  Most of them don’t spend hardly any time, if any at all, on the internet.  Yet, they will take the time to share with you their life in colorful spoken words.

Modern men are unable to do this though.  They would rather spend all their time escaping into a fake world where everyone is ordered to take a pill, and believe what they are told, then do what they are told in accordance with this wisdom.  Its easier for them.  They don’t have to explain themselves or their behavior in any other way except to say they’ve “taken the Red Pill”.  And oh how their lives have improved since!  I don’t believe a word of it.  Most of them seem pretty miserable.

The men I know in real life aren’t anything like these pill popping men.  They know that life is filled with contradictions, deviations, and well, you know, complicated things.  They deal with them as they come along without the need to ascribe some negative notation to them.  They don’t attempt to escape the harsh realities of life by creating an alternate truth to real life;  they dig in and conquer things.  They build.  They lead.  In short, they live.

If there is one thing I want the ladies to take away from this writing, is to not seek companionship on the internet.  Don’t believe everything the internet tells you about women and their value, or men and how they view women.  Listen and learn from your elders.  Stay away from escapists, or those who would prefer to create their own little worlds apart from real life.  Break completely out of the matrix.  Just live.

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