Feminism and how it creates and perpetuates “Mommie Problems”

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to debate a progressive woman or man, if you bring forth a subject with which they don’t agree, the conversation quickly devolves into accusations of “you must have mommie problems.”  I cant help but shed light on the irony.

What is a mother anyway? They’re the ones who’s bodies perform the amazing miracle of birth. A mother nurtures the unborn child with her own during gestation. She takes care of herself; keeps her body and mind healthy so that she can endure the painful process of bringing the child into the world. A mother is giving and unselfish. She has to put her child before herself so that he or she will grow to be happy, healthy, and strong physically but also mentally. Well, at least any good mother would.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Feminism is the antithesis of motherhood.

Feminism has created a whole new breed of woman; militant, selfish, masculine, harsh, foul, hyper-sexualized, aggressive, intolerant, and misandrist. It isn’t enough that a woman has a career. She also has to be anti-male, anti-femininity, anti-maternal, and basically anti everything that a traditional woman is. Feminists want other females to be crude, publicly sexual, and dominating. If you don’t fit that description, you are denigrated in their public eye.

Is this the description of a woman who would be a good mother? Is putting your career ahead of your children in almost every aspect being a good mother? Is parading around scantily clad and gyrating like a whore being a good mommie? Is putting the care of your child into the hands of others you barely know for most of their days being a good mom? Is making sure your current adult life is a fun filled wonderland before you even prepare your child for adolescence, their teens, and then adulthood being a good mother?

No, its not.

Every time I hear a horrible shrew (or effeminate man) on Twitter or elsewhere shut down a conversation with someone they disagree with by saying, “you must have mommy problems”, I have to chuckle at the irony. They very well may have mommy problems indeed.

Feminist women who breed do so because they believe its something they need to do before the clock runs out. They don’t really want their children, and their children eventually pick up on it. The words, “I don’t really care for you all that much” don’t need to be said. The child knows. A child of the kind of mother feminism creates becomes and adult, having been shaped intellectually and emotionally by the lessons (or lack thereof) of a woman who really doesn’t grasp the concept of caring for anything aside from her own selfish agendas. You’ve got mommie problems! Is it any wonder many adults may be the target of such attacks?

Feminists seem to be leading the charge with this sort of attack. Its unfortunate that I have to say; they are correct. They created the “mommie problemed” species of humans. Now they attempt to control dialogue by disparaging the beasts they gave birth to. Irony.

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