How To End Slavery 101

The first Negro slaves were brought to America in 1619.

One of the earliest slave owners was Anthony Johnson, a black man who earned his freedom after having been an indentured servant himself. After he earned his freedom he was given land for which he used to farm tobacco.  He became rich by using indentured servants, several of whom were white, to help farm his land.

In 1863 President Lincoln enacts the Emancipation Proclamation, which ordered slaves to be freed.

In 1864 the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution gave freedom to slaves.  Although blacks were legally free, they experienced discrimination for at least another century.

The Civil Rights Movement in America began in the 1950’s but was most prevalent in the 1960’s.  As a result of this movement, laws were changed, and new ones were made.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made discrimination based on race, color, creed, or religion illegal.  Then there was the Voting Rights Act, followed by the Fair Housing Act, and various Affirmative Action laws and systems.

Who wrote most of these acts and laws, then made sure they became the law of the land?  White people.

The real push to make sure blacks were treated equally and given a fair chance to succeed began in the 1960’s.  Since then, more laws and accommodations were created to protect the rights of blacks and other minorities including women.  The desire to right a wrong has now become the flip side to what it was originally intended to be.  Laws meant to protect what we now call “marginalized” groups of people are now being used to take rights away from others – mainly white males.

Since white people began the process to free blacks from slavery back in the late 1800’s, there have been speeches given, laws made, rallies attended, and apologies made by whites to blacks for the sins of those who came before them.  We’ve granted special rights and privileges to blacks, coaxed them out of hiding to get fully funded educations, given them preferential treatment in employment over white people even if they were not as qualified, boosted their egos even if it wasn’t warranted just so that they could have the self esteem needed to be productive citizens, coddled them, held them not responsible when they failed or simply could not succeed, and have done everything we can to give them their own spaces, their own time to shine – all the while walking on egg shells in what we say, do, or even think just so that the black population’s sensibilities would not be encroached upon.

How many years has it been?  I will let you do the math.  It’s been a long damn time that white people have been doing penance.  We’ve broken our own backs to give blacks the opportunity to be civil, productive members of society.  Many blacks have done just that.  To their credit, many have soared far beyond what even they themselves ever thought was possible.  Yet, far too many have not.

When you dissect demographics of race, crime, welfare dependency, and other factors, you will discover that it is safe to say that most blacks have not risen to the level as their hard working, self reliant, personally responsible counterparts.  You cannot continue to blame whitey alone for that my dear readers.

Many of you already know all about statistics looking at factors involving race.  I will at some point compile a list of sources for you to examine but today I am as usual pressed for time.  For now please examine the following search terms.  You will notice that original statistics have been challenged by progressive groups wishing to soften the blow that although blacks represent only about 14% of the US population, commit over 52% of violent crime including homicide, and consume almost 40% of our welfare benefits.

Crime statistics by race

Welfare statistics by race

With everything whites have done, even while taking a back seat to blacks and their needs, it is high time to step back and let the black population sink or swim on their own merits.  How much more can we do to help them than what we’ve already done?  How many more times do we have to apologize for things we played no part in?  What else, short of making white men slaves, needs to be done and said to clear this matter up?

Shall we keep quiet as black people kill white people in retaliation for some perceived slight that they themselves never experienced?

Shall we continue to sugar coat the reality of young black thugs running rampant through our cities? Is it helping that we already shield blacks from criticism by down playing their roles in crime out of fear we may be labeled racist if we correctly identify them by race when they do something horrible?

Are we helping the black community by not expecting them to learn and perform at the same level as whites?  When we give them the passing grade, or the job, or promotion, or the political office because they are black, is this helping them except for on a very temporary basis?  Is what we have done and continue to do creating a self sufficient, productive, well adjusted, confident group of citizens?  Has it?

No, it has not.

We’ve been seeing blacks as people and as our equals for decades.  We’ve attempted to make sure that not only people held blacks as equals in theory, but also in practice.  We’ve attempted to include them even if it meant sacrificing some of our own rights.  We’ve attempted to “work together” to build a better future for people of all races and backgrounds, yet who do you see trying their hardest to divide us?  You need look no further than blacks themselves.

So excuse me if I don’t once again fall victim to platitudes and bullshit rhetoric on the subject of race.  I used to be obnoxiously naive and just like all the other racially ignorant fools out there who say ridiculous and proven to be completely wrong statements such as “we are all alike.”

We are not all alike, and we are not all equal.  Not even all white people are equal to other whites.  So please, stop with that useless bit of happy happy joy joy bullshit cringe worthy banal tripe right now.  Only fools believe such things to be true.

I am not of the ilk that believes black people are sub standard humans.  They have proven, although not on a widespread level across their demographic, they can succeed just like white people can.  As humans, blacks have the ability within themselves to learn, and do great things, and many have.  Many have done this through hard work and perseverance.  This is proof that black people should never be considered inherently unable to succeed.  However even after all the special hand outs and hands up they’ve been given for decades, the majority of blacks continue to fail as evidenced by their higher propensity for violence, crime, and dependency on government for their upkeep.

Whites enslaved people.

Eventually a new breed of whites were born who realized that enslaving another human is an atrocity.  These whites took corrective measures.

Then, another breed of humans were born who felt that it’s quite profitable to keep blacks just as they were before: slaves.  Only this time the new breed enslaved the black masses by giving them everything they needed to survive, while removing any incentive to do good for themselves and their communities.  This new breed of humans were and still are comprised of both black and white people.

They’ve built an industry around race and gender hustling, and they will do whatever they can to make sure their jobs and cash flow remain secure.  What they do has nothing to do with the rights of others.  It has everything to do with serving one’s own self.  It’s quite acceptable to them to allow minorities to do less to achieve more even if it means that a substandard product (be it a physical product, service, etc.) is the result.

Humans should never be enslaved by anyone – not even through means of withholding expectations.  To me, keeping someone less than the very best they can be is a form of slavery in that it keeps the recipient of it just good enough to make a showing, but not good enough to soar on their own.  People who are part of this kind of slavery will always have to depend on someone else for jobs, funds, and sustenance.

How do we end this brand of slavery?  The world must give birth to a new breed of human.

If today’s modern slave-masters such as our politicians, race and gender hustlers, and educational institutions dropped this charade and started actually treating everyone equal, and expected the same things out of humans no matter their race, gender, or background, then and only then will blacks (and other protected groups) truly be free.

Now tell me readers, just how racist am I really?

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