Men get sex – Women get money

I ran across a conversation referencing men and women. The main takeaway was that women should be treated like children, given no rights, and no real responsibilities. On the other hand, women only see men in terms of dollar signs. I was disheartened when I read this because they are such common beliefs, and so wrong.

Men and women still don’t get it. A man’s full value cant be calculated using only his bank balance or ability to earn large sums of money. A woman’s full value cant be calculated by what she’s able to do with her body. Neither party wants to admit that there’s more to our opposite sex than just those topical things.

I’ve made it clear that I espouse patriarchal beliefs. Men should be the heads of households, states, governments, countries, etc. Women being the weaker species, although strong in certain areas and able to lead and guide, should be part of man’s support system. Through this symbiotic relationship love and happiness will flourish. You wont have a competition. There will be no games. What you will have though is a strongly bound family, all dependent on one and other – all respecting each other’s contributions.

You don’t see this anymore. If you do, its rare.

Feminism has ruined women. Since women are expected to be the main nurturers of children, their children are subsequently ruined as well. A man trying to find a loving traditional woman in today’s society is next to impossible. Instead he gets to choose from a sea of shrill, selfish, overbearing, cold, and competitive women. Sure some of them may look good. They may even be good in bed, but they wont unconditionally love you unless you meet the condition of whatever dollar figure they see as being acceptable to satisfy their designer handbag tastes. Sex is their chore. They do it not because they love you and want to please you – they do it because they know their payday will soon follow.

Men also have their fair share of deficits. They’ve become browbeaten weaklings and have allowed themselves to be subservient to women.  They open their wallets to any big boobed bimbo that shows them even the slightest amount of attention. Those men who have escaped being among the “Yes dear” species fall into a more repelling class. These men see no value in women aside from what’s between their legs, or what their mouth can do [and I’m not referring to their ability to recite from memory the entire Declaration of Independence]. For these men, women should be treated as children. Ruling the house means beating her. Loving means controlling her every thought, action, and words.

There is no middle ground for either gender. Tradition is gone. Modernity has ruined everything private and personal, bludgeons our tender moments, and splatters them publicly for all to see. We have to be this, or so it seems.

Men want women to be sweet, demure sex goddesses who are able to take care of the home, the children, and organize all which pertains to the family [as directed by the man]. This is the way it should be. But do men respect and admire their women for doing this, and doing it well? Ah, not so much. Men condescend women at every turn (when they get the balls to actually stand up to them). Men don’t authentically admire the women who serve them. They look upon them as chattel. The man is the head of the household, bringing home the bacon, making all the decisions, right? What’s to respect in their women then? The traditional woman brings forth no financial contribution to the family (in a household where the woman doesn’t work) and is in fact a financial liability. Why do they keep squawking about wanting to be respected? Silly women. They should know their place!

Modern men don’t authentically love, respect, or admire their women.

Modern women – I could go on for days citing all their deficits. Having children is an inconvenience they have to do before the clock stops ticking. Women are told by society they are nothing unless they have a career outside the home. Taking care of children, a home, and a husband is seen as weak and unimportant. Women, even ones who earn higher wages than their men, expect their men to take care of everything financial; pay for dates, bring home expensive gifts, buy the big shiny ring, and pay all the bills. Other than that, the modern woman is mildly amused by men at best, but mostly annoyed by them. Sex is a chore they know they have to do to keep themselves in bling.

Modern women don’t authentically love, respect, or admire their men.

Forlorn gazes across the table at the beautiful being sitting in front of you? Gone. Looking forward to your husband coming home to a hot meal and a sexy dessert later that night? Not happening. You’re too busy fretting over buying that pricey dress for the corporate party you’re expected to attend. Spending all day envisioning your beautiful wife greeting you at the door with a kiss and sexy glance? No way! You’re thinking more about whether or not you can shield yourself from whatever she’s going to throw at you once you walk in the door.

Its an undeniable truth that we live in a modern world with modern ideals. So we go through our days; men getting sex when they can, and women pilfering men’s coffers. Dysthymia replaces symbiosis, and we just keep trudging along.

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