Michelle Obama: Talk about racist!

Its clear that Michelle Obama, along with her husband, are angry, deceptive, militant, racist humans. Although some would argue with me; the fact remains that in their own words, spoken and written, both these individuals are NOT going to be good for America. Not good for blacks, and certainly not good for whites.

In particular, Michelle is the one who troubles me the most. At least on this day. I am sure in a day or two a nasty little morsel about Barack will be released which diverts my attention towards his deceptive nature and force it to the forefront.

But lets just talk about Michelle; her words, her actions, her inherent hate for whites, her obsession with her own blackness, and her focus on only catering to the needs of the black community.

How about we start with her 1985 thesis? You can download the entire thing from the top of the article in this link.

First off, from the very beginning I have sensed something about Mrs. Obama. Despite the fact that much of black America has anointed her the darling of the day, the role model of all time to young black girls, she comes off to me as a very insecure individual. Take a look at her dedication at the beginning of her thesis:

To Mom, Dad, craig, and all of my special friends:

Thank-you for loving me and always making me feel good about myself.

She has to have someone MAKE her feel good about herself? That spells trouble to me. Most people who defer their feeling good about themselves to another usually have ended up showing some kind of psychological pathology in the long run. At least that’s been my experience with working with the general public of ALL races for nearly the last two decades. She appears to have self esteem issues. Perhaps this is part of the reason why she has such a hard time “integrating” herself into a society that includes people of many different races, but is predominantly white?

Lets look at a few items in her thesis which demonstrates a profound and sole interest in the issue of helping other blacks who are less fortunate. Not once does it mention helping whites who are less fortunate.

The general theme of her thesis can be paraphrased by saying that Michele Obama wanted to know if blacks go to predominantly white universities, and spend more time around whites than blacks, will they be less apt to want to help the less fortunate blacks in society? And will they feel more comfortable around whites? Or blacks? The thesis speaks on other things, but this is the message that will more than likely stay with you.

She states in her thesis that early in her college career, “there was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the Black community I was somehow obligated to this community and would utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit this community first and foremost.”

Doesn’t sound too good for us white folk now does it? This is precisely the reason why, for at least a year I have been telling anyone who talked politics shop with me, that America is not ready for a black president. The black community has not been expected to be held to the same standards the white community has with regards to race relations. Michelle is the consummate example of what I was talking about. Whites HAVE to be politically correct. We HAVE to take into consideration people of ALL races due to the guilt that mainly the black community has attempted to shackle us with. Can we expect the same from the black community? Apparently not.

Lets further look at her insecure feeling about herself; her place in white America. Michelle Obama states that she felt like a “visitor at Princeton” despite her recognition that her “white professors and classmates” made efforts to be liberal and open-minded. She states she still felt like she didn’t belong. Sounds like a personal confidence problem within HER, not the people who surrounded her. Tell us Michelle, just what exactly do you expect others to do for you to help you feel all warm and comfy and happy inside?

She whines about how her “experiences at Princeton may likely lead to my further integration and/or assimilation into a White cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant.”

Again, a personal issue concocted by her own mind. Can she read the minds of everyone? Is whitey hatin’ on Michelle? Or is she just psycho? I would put money on the last. She herself has admitted to being a recipient [explained later] of affirmative action. So there ya go babycakes! Not only will whitey not allow you [and your black brothers and sisters] to remain on the periphery. As long as you aren’t in prison we will (unfortunately) propel you into greatness that you don’t deserve!

Although in one section of her thesis she more or less admonishes the blacks who state they identify more with whites, she admits to eventually developing “conservative” goals similar to her white classmates such as getting into a “prestigious graduate program, or getting a high paying job.” This, as opposed to reaching out and helping the poor black community.

Told you!!! Psycho!

I could go on and on about all the obsessions Michelle has with regards to race, and bias at Princeton. i.e. Princeton caters to whites. Princeton doesn’t have enough programs developed for only black students. Princeton doesn’t have enough black professors. The social and academic aspects of Princeton “systematically follow the interests of the white students.” Blah blah blah…. Would you like some cheese with that whine Michelle? There really isn’t much point in going on much further. Go read the thesis yourself.

I will just say one more thing that I found absolutely fabulous about her thesis. Her hypothesis was developed on her belief that, if blacks spend most of their time around other blacks, they will be more likely to help blacks. If blacks spend more time around whites, they will be more likely to have a negative relationship with the black community.

Much to her dismay, Michelle discovered that, as Black’s educations progressed at Princeton, many of them tended to identify more with the white community than the black. Booyah! I wonder why that is Michelle. Perhaps the answer can be provided by the nearly 80% of black students and alumni who refused to participate in your racist little survey.

Also, her “study” revealed that these whitey identifying blacks actually DO still want to help their own kind despite rubbing shoulders with those who seem to be her most hated race.

Her explanation for these findings was to blame the outcome on the injustices and oppression blacks have endured, which “has been greater than any other race in this country’s history.” She accuses integrated blacks of losing touch with black culture in their “attempts to become adjusted and comfortable in their new culture — the White culture.” She almost admonishes with her words these blacks, who she feels are ashamed of black culture as a “result of their integration.”

According to Michelle Obama, if you spend time with and identify with the white race, you have lost touch and are unable to maintain “awareness and a sincere appreciation for the uniqueness of the Black culture.”

Tell me now, people of all races, do YOU buy into this crap?

Moving on from her really crappy thesis, lets remember some other things this fine example of a race baiter has said:

“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.”

Very telling! The above was said during a speech she gave for her husband, who at the time had not yet won the Democratic nomination, but was well on his way.

“Instead, our greatest challenge is that we are living in a time when we are suffering from a deep empathy deficit.”

She would have made more of a positive impact if she had not further promoted victim mentality, and not placed blame on [I bet you my next paycheck she is talking about…] whitey for not being empathetic. She made this statement in reference to the following that her husband Barack made in one of his speeches regarding the cause of 911:

“The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with, the humanity and suffering of others.”

NEWSFLASH OBAMA!!! Terrorists do not, have not ever, and will not ever have empathy for anyone in or coming from, or connected to America. The essence of the 911 tragedy is due to the depravity of the attackers, not their lack of empathy. Barack and his wife are both fools if they really believe this rhetoric. Their followers are fools as well if they buy into this crap.

Now, as much as Michelle would like all of you to believe that Princeton was a big bad ugly and mean whitey institution, and that the white race will not provide opportunities to young black girls, she was a recipient of affirmative action and that in her own words, she wasn’t supposed to be there.

“I wasn’t supposed to go to Princeton and Harvard because my scores were too low.”

Well at least she admits it. I wonder how many other well qualified applicants were rejected due to the college attempting to propel another black into achievement they didn’t deserve?

She further shows her hypocrisy and promotes more victimhood in the following statement:

“Society tells girls like me that we shouldn’t reach too high or dream too big because our skin is the wrong color…”

Who said that? I didn’t say that! Did any of YOU say that? Well if you didn’t or haven’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started saying it now. Whites have held out hope for a very long time that the black community would rise up and out of their sickened way of living, thinking, talking, hating, failing. You have not. You have failed not because the white community didn’t try to help you, because with God Almighty as my witness, WE HAVE TRIED!

But you just keep that hand reached out demanding more. You keep those pie holes open and yapping about persecution, oppression, whitey holding you down….

Yet, what have you done to bring yourself up, and keep yourselves up so that you can do for yourselves?

Well, if Obama makes it into office, you can be assured that Michelle Obama will use that position to further nothing but her own agenda, which is black people and their plight.

“Today, we have the opportunity to not just change the players but to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE GAME! A game that has been broken for too long, for too many of us. We have the chance to create a new game. A game that will allow the millions of little black girls like us to soar. To Soar. Do you hear me? To Soar.”

But but… what about the little old white man on the corner that needs medications he cant afford? What about him Michelle?

“…dream big and envision the day that Barack Obama stands before the capitol of the United States of America to take the oath to become the next president of the United States of America. Just dream and think about it. Think about what that would mean for all the little black girls and in their minds not just here but around the world.”

P.s., the little old white dude lives in Cleveland. Can we at least keep it in our own country Michelle? I mean, your husband is running for President of the U9NITED STATES, remember?

And finally in 2004:

“Once again, the white man keeps us down, what’s up with Whitey? Why’d he attack Iraq? Why’d he let Katrina happen? Why’d he leave millions of children behind? This is the legacy the white man gives us.”

Nice Michelle. Real nice.

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