Mind Your Muffins Ladies!

Contrary to popular feminist and fat & proud enthusiast’s belief, obesity is not sexy.  Look at the image to the left.  There is no beauty in that.  It doesn’t matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, fat rolls aren’t pretty.

You may call me “fit privileged” because I stay in very good shape.  I call you “fat privileged”!  Think of the starving children in Africa for God’s sake!  And if you must be fat, please wear looser fitting clothing so your blubber doesn’t spill out into the atmosphere.  We have global warming to worry about!

Obesity and being merely overweight is not only unsightly, its unhealthy.   Fat people are at higher risk for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and joint problems.  They take up more than their fair share of space, and are expensive to care for when sick.  The fatter they get, the more likely they are to have skin conditions.  The hotter it gets outside, the smellier they become.  Where is the beauty in any of that, ladies?

Why should I have to be subjected to half of you spilling out into my seat when on an airplane?  Your nasty attitude which accompanies your gross appearance doesn’t help your cause either.  If you catch me gazing at the spectacle of your exposed rolls of fat, there is no need to go full on fat diva at me.  You look monstrous!  Can you blame me?

Let me speak clear:

  • Get in the gym.
  • Stop shoveling food which is meant mainly for sustenance down your gullet until you’re at the point of regurgitation.
  • Get in the gym.

To be Queens to our Kings, we have to tend to not only our minds, but our bodies as well.  If your man married a fit and attractive lady, that’s what he should get for the duration.  Is it fair, I ask you, to lure a man with your beautiful body and amazing sex, only to allow yourself to become a disgusting pig years later?  Place yourself in your man’s shoes.  How would you like to have to navigate through all that blubber to find your mate’s happy palace?  I sure as hell wouldn’t on a man who has an apron that falls to his knees!

Being fat is not a plus unless you’re talking sausage. Any questions?

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