Multiculturalism Destroys Everything

Does multiculturalism dilute the uniqueness of each race, religion, gender, or culture its meant to promote or protect?  I’ll go one step further;  multiculturalism destroys everything.

When I think back to when I was a naive, nearly liberal young girl, I remember what it was like to actually embrace differences between people.  I was in awe when seeing an African Tribal dance, or watching Latino musicians perform.  Hearing a foreign accent was intriguing.  Eating foods from different nations was always special.  I was drawn to different peoples from varying races and cultures because they were unusual, and so unlike me.

I used to enjoy the differences between people, while at the same time retain my appreciation for who I am (white, and American).  I’m still both those things of course, but its become more difficult to talk openly about whiteness (or my admiration for anyone who is white), and how proud I am to be an American.  Both of these things are taboo topics to speak openly about with the general public.  You can’t have that conversation without someone chiming in with some accusatory retort that is a negative statement against whites, or Americans.  There are many people out there who will refuse to admit that there is a whole lot of hate directed towards white people, and Americans on the whole.  It seems we aren’t of any color that should be admired, and we don’t come from a country that deserves respect.  There are enough people from other countries who speak condescendingly about America, but there are also many Americans who speak disparagingly about America as well, and that makes me sick to my stomach.

Whenever I hear the term “diversity”, or “multicultural(ism)” I know right away they aren’t talking about me, unless the topic of gender is at hand.  They aren’t talking about my family or friends.  Since I’m white, I’m not considered a color – at least not a color that anyone cares about.  In fact, I’m described as not having any color at all.  Only “colored” people get to be admired and respected these days.  If you are white, you are automatically “privileged” or racist even if you’ve never uttered a racist word or meme in your entire life.  I’m white, therefore I’m racist?  If you ask a “colored” person, that’s what they will more than likely say.

I liken this conversation to a similar one where men state that all women are feminists; albeit some only have latent feminist qualities that will inevitably rear its ugly head at some point.  To advocates of multiculturalism, all whites are privileged and racist even though none of us have ever owned a slave, uttered a single word that is truly hateful towards another race, nor have experienced any sort of privilege due to being white;  we don’t, after all, benefit from any affirmative action programs.  Both generalizations are not only inaccurate, but fundamentally wrong on every level.

Its clear multiculturalism works to destroy white, or Occidental culture.  Nowhere in the world is it pushed more forcefully than in America.  Multiculturalism advocates want to take the white out of America, and forget all of America’s history – a once proud nation – and put in its place a “melting pot” of peoples of all different kinds, except for whites.  Whites aren’t important.  We’ve been devalued in the eyes of multiculturalism.  What will happen once all the whites are gone?  Perhaps that will be the topic of discussion for another time.

What does multiculturalism do to the races, cultures, genders, etc. its supposed to promote and protect?  For this blog, I will only speak for myself.

Multiculturalism has destroyed any intrigue I have for others who are unlike me.  Black culture, Latino culture, Islamic, and every other racial demographic has been forced into every aspect of my life to the extent that none of them seem interesting or noteworthy anymore.  What was initially meant to highlight special qualities, and introduce them into predominantly white countries, has instead created a killing field for Caucasian culture, ideas, and thought.   Instead of seeking out information, and engaging in (seeing, watching, hearing, consuming) cultural things (literature, film, food, music, etc.) that are unlike who I am, I feel a stronger need to engage in life with those who are of my thede.  I never imagined I’d live to see the day that I could say that white culture is on the decline, but I can.

I can’t help but wonder if others feel the same as I do.

My favorite meal I used to make for my family was Alaskan King Crab legs, sautéed scallops, steamed artichokes with lemon garlic butter dip, with Cajun shrimp and rice.  Everyone who ate it loved it.  I served it all the time!  I served it so much that I, and others who came to dinner, got rather sick of it.  Requests for that meal dwindled, as did my desire to make it.  It wasn’t special anymore because I served it so much.  The thought of eating it ever again actually sort of turns me off.  “Oh no, not your crab leg, scallop, artichoke, and spicy shrimp and rice again!  Can we have roasted chicken instead?!”

This is how I now feel about all those multicultural things that are plastered all over the TV, on the internet, and essentially forced into all aspects of daily living.  I’m simply just sick to death of what I used to really enjoy – so much so that I’ve developed an aversion to anything “diverse”.  Just as eating even one more Alaskan King Crab leg makes my stomach turn; watching African dance reminds me of a bunch of Neanderthals bucking and shuffling to primitive music – a sight I now find comical;  as does listening to a once alluring Latino or Mexican accent in song now makes me think of cheesy caricatures in big floppy funny hats.  I’ve completely lost all respect for many things that I used to find intriguing.  Since diversity has been shoved so forcefully in my face, I’ve become what I suspect many other white people have as well;  a people so proud of who we are that we have for the first time in our lives started seeking out and interacting with people and activities that reflect who we are, instead of who others are.

Multiculturalism has not only diluted what other cultures are, but its killed any admiration I have for things that are unlike me.  To say it plainly:  I’ve become bored with all of you “diverse” people.  I guess Israel Zangwill’s idea of “a utopian celebration of complete cultural intermixing” isn’t quite working out how he had planned.  Do others out there feel the same way?  I know they do.  Will they come out and say it as boldly as I just have?  I sincerely doubt it.  Talking about race is o.k. if you are of a non-white race.  Its the kiss of death if you are white.

What I’ve just written is purely how I think about the subject.  I would be very interested in hearing about what others think as well.  Its a tough conversation to have, but it needs to happen.  If you decide to comment, please stay away from racial slurs.  If you choose to remain silent, thanks for reading anyway.

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