My thoughts on the Alt-Right

I was shown an article written over at American Renaissance and it made me remember why I quit reading over there so many years ago. I would never have known had it not been pointed out to me because Amren is not a website I frequent.

The title of the article is, “Should Alt-Right Trolls Go Easy on the Trigger?”, and my answer to that question is of course no. So let me break a few points down so you can understand my thoughts on this.

The article kicks off by saying, and on one line for more dramatic effect I’m sure:

Our goal should be winning converts.

Bloody brilliant I say dear boy!

He goes on to detail a Jared Taylor appearance on the Phil Donahue show in which Jared suffered temporary dementia and couldn’t remember if he had said something that he had said. In the process he proved to one and all that he is about as ineffective as they come when it comes to speaking for the White community.

Jared said, “That’s very unlike the way I write. I’d be surprised ,” about him actually saying, “Ugly Mexicans and ugly Haitians come here to live permanently. But we are supposed to be endlessly sensitive to their peculiarities and revel in the diversity of toadying to their ethnic demands,.” If you read more you find out that Donahue took his comments out of context. Had Jared been able to remember what he had said and the context in which he said it, Donahue wouldn’t have ripped him a new asshole for all to see.

It only gets worse.

There, I put that all on one line. Did it have the right effect on you? The writer details how the Alt-Right operates under a largely anonymous banner:

In the last several years the Alt-Right has grown tremendously–and most of the new activists are anonymous. While American Renaissance and VDARE have always published pseudonymous authors, there has always been an editor or publisher who took at least indirect responsibility for what their authors wrote. Many of the new voices of the Alt-Right–names such as Ricky Vaughn, Morrakiu, Murdoch, Conservative Pundit, and Walt Bismarck–post their material independently on YouTube or Twitter, or on completely anonymous websites such as The Right Stuff.

Most of these anonymous accounts are not “genteel” or “polite.”

For the love of all that is, really? The Alt-Right isn’t genteel enough? Not to be confused with Gentile, but it still sounds too fucking Jewish for me. Anyway, keep your high highfalutin’ opinions of the Alt-Right to yourself “Alexander Hart”. Everybody has been trying the “genteel” approach for too fucking long, and what has it gotten anyone?

In Jared Taylor’s case, it’s gotten him the reputation of being the beta of the race realism crowd. No one takes him seriously aside from his limited echo chamber filled with “Yes” girls and boys who haven’t yet graduated to the ranks of hard core in your face racialists. His methods may have got the ball rolling, but they just don’t work anymore. People shouldn’t feel let down after having a conversation about race.

He then goes on to insult 4chan, and /pol/ etc. etc. etc…

And then, wait for it… He quotes Milo “I drink from a penis shaped sippie cup” Yiannopoulos, and adds:

Mr. Yiannopoulos added that despite these hard-edged jokes, the Alt-Right’s “meme brigades” have “no real problem with race-mixing, homosexuality, or even diverse societies: it’s just fun to watch the mayhem and outrage that erupts when those secular shibboleths are openly mocked.”


#1: 4chan and /pol/ is not the Alt-Right. #2: it’s the authors own wishful thinking that the AR has no problem with “race-mixing, homosexuality, or even diverse societies.” You gay bro?

Many do have problems with all this but it’s easy to brush them aside when they make comment on it because people like Taylor and the author have yet to progress past Internet Kindergarten and join the rest of the real players in social media who are driving narratives.

Since these accounts are anonymous, it’s hard to know what the people behind them really believe. I suspect the majority are more deeply dissident than Mr. Yiannopoulos seems to think, but that their online personae are more extreme, both in substance and style, than their true beliefs.

So what? Are you a fucking mind reader now? You’re passively denigrating, or dismissing them at the very least. Sneaky sneaky… You sure you aren’t (((one of them)))?

Let me explain something to you Alexander; we live in a new world these days. What worked before doesn’t work anymore. Don’t be oldfag.

So in contrast to the usual smear that American Renaissance and similar groups are closet Nazis posing as respectable white advocates, many on the Alt-Right seem to be white advocates posing as Nazis.

So just what are you trying to signal there, buckeroo?

So if this attracts some young people sympathetic to our cause because it’s fun, while endlessly tormenting our ideological opponents, what’s wrong? It’s “mission accomplished,” right?

Yes. That is exactly what it is. And if you don’t realize this, then get off the race realism education train. You’re making the rest of us look weak.

Not exactly.

Oh fuck you. No really, just go and fuck the hell right off. Yes, more foul language from me than what is the norm, but reading this article has helped me to release a much needed string of expletives. It had to happen.

Our goal is to preserve our people and restore Western Civilization. Accomplishing that goal is not necessarily the same as angering and tormenting our enemies; we need to weaken and defeat them–and, if possible, convert them.

Oh dear Lord. This is such a weak statement that even David Futrelle’s cats make stronger assertions. What do you suggest? We take all those foul, loud mouthed, and in many cases violent social justice warriors and certified card carrying members of the race hustling industry to tea? Earl Grey o.k.?

We cannot convert them. They have to be dealt with using the strongest legal measures possible. Talking pretty and polite to them hasn’t worked much in the past, and it doesn’t work at all now. Why the race realism narrative has been advanced recently is precisely and purely due to the work of all these “trolls” as you call them, and their barking as loud if not louder than our enemies.

However, in recent weeks, the bulk of the coverage has been of memes that photoshopped Jewish journalists into gas chambers and concentration camps. Other than to insult and shock people, it’s hard to see how this advances our interests.

Oh. My. GOD! Do you even MEME?

Clearly you have yet to understand how psychological warfare and desensitization works, and how memes play an important role.These things, although objectionable to some, are an important part of the race realism conversation. What do you think the left is doing, and why do you think it’s been so effective? We don’t need less of them, we need more. That’s a topic that I don’t have enough time to write about now, but soon.

Then the author asks a few questions about the use of memes. I will answer each one.

Do average Americans get the joke or do they instead take you seriously?

It depends on the race of the American. If they’re White they will more than likely get the joke. If they’re black, or a leftist female, especially a black leftist female, then no. They will probably not get the joke. The outrage industry is far too lucrative for them to actually try to see someone else’s point unless they’re personally negatively effected, and even then not always.

Who we need to convert are the ones who are being most negatively impacted by the anti-White industrial complex. (Did I say that right? I heard a feminist say it about toxic masculinity and thought it sounded impressive, albeit retarded.) We need to change the minds of those who will have the strength, stamina, and drive to cause a revolution and see it through to the end. These people are White, and they are male. Although it’s important to have White women involved in the conversion, or as I prefer to say de-indoctrination, we are not of greatest consequence.

And before you ladies start squawking about the rapeugee crisis, and a crisis it is indeed; and that women have it worse in issues regarding race; when you examine the persistent long standing discrimination that White males all over the globe have had to deal with; after everything they’ve created; after everything they’ve done to make things better for ethnic minorities; the burdens they’ve shouldered; if you look at numbers and history, you know, all that hard stuff, you cannot say that there is any demographic more negatively impacted than the White male.

They are the ones we need to convince before it’s too late.

Do you drive away Americans who might be sympathetic to Donald Trump and/or race realism?

No, because people today don’t pay attention unless it’s delivered in an outrageous, loud, and in your face manner. The reason for this is because Americans, especially White Americans, have become numb. They’ve been broken and battered, and taken advantage of by the protected groups for a very long time. The giant has been asleep but is slowly awakening.

If you want to make a point it needs to be in Bold Impact font, white with a black border, and be very (very) clever.

Jared Taylor isn’t clever. The author of the article in question isn’t clever. People like  Ricky Vaughn, Morrakiu, Murdoch, Conservative Pundit, and Walt Bismarck are clever.

Do you make it harder for non-anonymous dissidents such as Milo Yiannopoulos to defend the movement? Likewise, do you make it even harder for anonymous Alt-Rightists eventually to come out of the closet?

No; humor, strength, and conviction are not only more welcoming, but more convincing than passive aggressive posts that are merely thinly veiled virtue signaling.

Milo has seen his day in the limelight. People are beginning to reject him. The Alt-Right, for the most part, at least anyone who is important, rejects his race mixing and blatant homosexuality. None of the guys, nor most of the women want to hear or read some faggot talking about how much he likes to suck black cock.

In the beginning Milo was interesting. He had a lot of good things to say, and he was saying them in the right way. His homosexuality was only an aside note. Now everything he says and does is overshadowed by his sexual preference. The Alt-Right doesn’t need hyper-sexual faggots, even ones that claim they’re dangerous, on their platform. For those in the movement who disagree now, they will soon agree with this sentiment the more faggoty this guy gets.

Do you make Americans, who overwhelmingly distrust the media, feel sympathy for people who really are biased, dishonest journalists?

No. This concern is without merit. In fact if anything it helps bring them to our side since they already distrust the media as you say. They are battle fatigued and need some comic relief, not just answers. There may be a few hangers on to the notion that protecting the underdog is virtuous. But people who are in this category are beginning to shift now that the conversation on race is taking place everywhere. There truly is strength in numbers. People that I never thought would talk openly about race, even as recent as a couple of years ago, are now speaking frankly about matters that negatively impact Whites.

And they ain’t too happy about it.

Admittedly, these questions cut both ways. Many argue that race realists and white advocates poison the well for Trump when they endorse them, and that their mere existence makes life hard for less explicit immigration patriots. People can make strong cases for drawing lines in different places.

I give absolutely no shits about Donald Trump anymore. After I watched him sucking up to Israel in a speech, I no longer will speak in his support. He really blew it by pandering to Jews. Whereas I used to really think he would win the Presidency, I now predict it’s going to be Hillary. Mark my words; people are going to stay home.

One of the main topics of conversation these days in the racialism crowd is how Jews, Israel, and/or Zionists are screwing Whites right up their asses. People are beginning to ask more questions. There are those who are giving answers. Trump made a mistake by making an obvious point to let the world knows he licks Jew balls just like all the other Republicucks do.

We are not like mainstream conservatives who “tone police” and purge anyone to their right.

Um, yeah ya are kiddo. Your whole article did just that.

And some trolls are high school students who just want to raise hell, and it’s silly to get excited about them, much less try to stop them.

You should take them seriously. They’re going to be changing your diapers one day. And, to underestimate our youth is akin to shitting where you eat. You just shouldn’t do it. (Someone really should make a meme out of that.)

Finally, most of these new Alt-Right figures produce parody songs, tweets, memes, and podcasts, rather than op-eds and serious articles. By their nature, these new media require more blunt and provocative rhetoric and imagery.

Sweet Jesus! It took you a whole article to “get it”?

People today would rather watch a video, or view a graphic meme than read a long drawn out written piece like the one you’re reading right now. Call it laziness, or call it a need to have our souls immediately stimulated. It could just be that there isn’t enough time to read an op-ed, but there is always time to watch or listen to a video or podcast.

Many people are getting rid of their Cable TV subs and are instead streaming everything they watch. They consume their news on their own terms. This is a huge shift, and if people don’t get with the program, their long form articles will be largely ignored.

On people being anonymous on the internet, this writer clearly has taken the moral high ground:

My own rule is to use anonymity only to avoid the social consequences of writing the truth. It is not to write things that would embarrass me if the taboos did not exist and I could write under my own name.

Ah, bullshit. You are just as afraid, and rightfully so, as everyone else who engages in strong and controversial commentary. But your anonymity is the better kind, right? I’d love to hear Ricky Vaughn’s opinion on this.

Triggering leftists is fun, but winning converts is more important.

Have fun triggering leftists while winning converts is important.

There, I fixed it for you.

And yes, we will win converts. I’ve been talking race realism for a really long time; more than a decade. It used to go so slow, and the progress was so little. This is changing. People are converting every day. More and more are questioning the liberal narrative of White people being privileged and bad. We are standing up for ourselves; and in greater numbers; and at a faster pace than I have ever seen.

We owe this all now to people like Ricky Vaughn, Morrakiu, Murdoch, Conservative Pundit, Walt Bismarck, Stefan Molyneux, Andrew Anglin, Alex Linder, Andrew Auernheimer, Pax Dickinson, Chuck Johnson, Matt Forney, Krafty.Wurker, and countless others who dare to venture into turbulent waters full speed ahead.

Thanks guys! I’d say you’re doing God’s work, but then there’s that whole “I don’t believe in God” thing. You get my point.

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