Qualified Reservations

No, this has nothing to do with Mencius Moldbug.  I’ve been reading this site and others for a long time, and there is one thing that I’ve noticed here and elsewhere that sort of pisses me off.

No one can say anything about blacks or Jews unless they qualify their words with something positive beforehand.  If you don’t, you get attacked and labeled racist, anti-semitic, etc.  In the comments section of the article about not voting for a “Friend of Israel“, this happened almost immediately.  Although no one called the writer a racist or anti-semite, the thoughts or titles were implied with the words chosen by the commenter(s) not only here, but elsewhere.  As thinly veiled as they may have seemed, its clear as day to me that this is what was taking place.

Nowhere in the post was it said that the writer hates all Jews.  She may feel annoyed by them as she would an annoying friend, and said as much.  But the writer committed a huge faux pas.  She didn’t initially state beforehand words approved by the masses as being acceptable, which might relieve her from criticism if any should follow.  She didn’t qualify her statements by pandering to those whom we’ve all been indoctrinated to pander to.  The omission was glaring to me.  Why didn’t she qualify her article by merely saying any one of the following:

“Of course, I’m not talking about ‘all Jews’…”

“I have Jewish friends…”

“The best [insert whatever you want here] I’ve ever [insert whatever else you want here] was [whatever] by a Jew…”

I can respect the fact that the author didn’t attempt to qualify her words by saying any of the above. the writer didn’t need me to defend her.  I don’t agree with everything she says.  At least I can respect the fact that she doesn’t pander to anyone.  Not women.  Not men.  Not Jews, not blacks, and definitely not homosexuals.  How many people do you know who have the courage to speak so openly about their thoughts without feeling the need to attempt to qualify what they are saying with words which will soothe fragile egos of those who might potentially be offended?

“Oh, but I’ve got black friends…”  Does anyone really believe that this relieves them from being a racist in the eyes of blacks?  Even though blacks cry racist at every turn, Jews will react quicker with accusations of antisemitism.  We’ve all learned to be good little goyim, haven’t we?  We aren’t allowed to speak on things involving Jews, Israel, or Judaism unless we qualify our words first with a positive affirmation towards them.

What I got out of the article referenced, is that America has to be careful who they elect for President.  In considering who they should vote for they need to be smart.  Voting for someone who embraces another country and people over his own is not a good idea.  Instead, vote for the guy who’s utmost concern is America.

What others got out of it was the writer is hating on Jews.  The writer has no soul.  The writer (although not implicitly said) is an anti-semite.  The writer has no morals.  The writer is uninformed with regard to her hating on Jews.  This has happened not only on this site, but elsewhere that I read.  [link withheld]

The writer made a fatal mistake for which she will probably pay dearly.  She forgot to pander to a protected group and say what she was expected to:  “Mind you, I’m not talking about all Jews…”  She did say this later in the comments, but her piece stood on its own without falling into the trap set for non Jews a long time ago.

And many of you failed to recognize this.  I had hoped that this website would draw in people who not only have traditional values, but are also thinking men and women, and not just indoctrinated malcontents.  I’m hoping that one day soon more of these types of people will show up.

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