Racist Twitter Employees Admit to Shadowbanning and Censoring Whites (Rednecks)

Artwork by Roman artist Andrei Lacatusu from his “Social Decay” collection.

In a stunning new video released by Project Veritas, (2nd so far in its series detailing abuse of power at Twitter), current and former Twitter employees explain how Twitter censors Conservative voices by using the shadow banning tactic.

Pranay Singh, Direct Messaging Engineer @twitter (among others): “You look for Trump, or America, or any of, like, five thousand keywords to describe a redneck.”

Twitter uses machine language to mete out Trump voters, Americans; uses five thousands words which stereotype “rednecks”.

@Twitter has been exposed by @ProjectVeritas as being anti-America and anti-redneck which we all know means anti-White. It uses AI to stereotype certain individuals from a certain race or political ideology and admits to shadow banning them. This should terrify everyone.

How long before @Twitter fires the employees exposed by @ProjectVeritas in this morning’s video, then hires replacements with the very same mindset? Which is the Twitter mindset. Which is anti-American, anti-Conservative/Republican, anti-White


The first video in this series was released yesterday. It details how willing Twitter is to release all of President Trump’s Tweets, even private DM’s, to the Department of Justice. Here is the first video:


As one Twitter employee named Clay Haynes, a Senior Network Security Engineer at Twitter said; this is really terrifying the power Twitter has over people and politics.

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