Randi Harper Writes No Usable FreeBSD Code. Attempts to Write Conduct Code Instead

At last Randi Lee Harper admits to being of no real value to the FreeBSD community, then outlines her toxic relationship with the group. She writes here that although she was never a developer, never wrote any usable or approved code for the project, but instead “helped” the project by joining the marketing team and participating in the IRC channel, more than likely to “monitor” it for any potential grievance she could latch onto and exploit, or inject conflict where there really was none.

She found out that the only code she thought was usable enough to present didn’t work. Instead of admitting she made mistakes, she claims she “voluntarily retired my commit bit rather than risk inflicting legal complications on FreeBSD. I was still writing code, but I couldn’t do so for FreeBSD.”

Yeah, right Randi. You let it go because you knew it was crap. Since then any code you’ve written has had the elegance and finesse of that of a 5th grader on ADD meds. Still though, she dons upon herself the username FreeBSDGirl despite her never being a developer of FreeBSD at all. She states she was planning on getting rid of the username voluntarily until she was asked to surrender it by the real FreeBSD people. At this point, like a petulant child, she states that made her angry so she’s gonna keep it out of spite.

What a nice young lady. I’m sure her parents are so proud. Jesus fucking CHRIST! How old is she? In her 30’s? And still acting like a 5 year old?

She then goes on to outline a long drawn out pile of crap on how she was a victim, and still is. She blames everyone else for her unhappiness and takes no responsibility for her shitty behavior even when people tried to tell her nicely that she needed to change her attitude. All the while her apathetic followers continue to bolster her sociopathic behavior to the tune of over $4,000. a month on her Patreon account.

I say to those idiots who are freely giving up their money to support her sitting on her ass pitting one group against another, good for you! You all deserve each other. To support such a toxic individual makes a statement about you without any need to investigate further. You are all idiots.

Since Randi Harper has gotten her ass handed to her by the FreeBSD community, and gamergate, and most of the rest of the world at large; and since she knows that writing any kind of code that may be usable is not in the stars for her, she now plans to write a completely different kind of code: Codes of Conduct.

lulz x a billion.

In her suggested code of conduct she admonishes any (white) men working in tech for reaching out to a woman or minority to join their team. Instead, she cautions that a man reaching out to a women is “really bad taste”, and should only be initiated by someone within the prospects own minority group (meaning only women or minorities should speak to women and minorities in tech about joining a team or issues surrounding diversity in that realm.)

    If you’re a dude, don’t reach out to women leaving other open source projects saying “join us here!” You have no idea if women in the community have problems or not. Women will talk to other women about the quality of the community. But it’s also just really bad taste. Instead, find someone in your community that is also part of that minority group to reach out. They’ll know more about potential issues than you will.

You fucking cunt stain.

You’re literally all fluff Randi. Only those in your extremely small circle, who in the grand scheme of things will abandon you in the end, believe that you are anything other than a grievance monger and attention seeker. Your skill set is far below that of a “developer” of any kind aside from one who develops strife to bolster your own ego.

Randi will never be able to achieve success and respect until she actually does something of value. Bleating on the internet about people stalking and harassing her when all they’re doing is disagreeing, is not valuable for anyone aside from her hopelessly damaged ego. Just. Go. Away. And. Study. Something. Useful.

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