Some thoughts on the “Manosphere”

From PUA’s like Roosh V, to petulant man child MRA’s like Paul Elam, the manosphere has been a source of amusement for the rest of the normal people to point and laugh at, but never take seriously. Fedoras aren’t quite as ubiquitous as they used to be, but the swaggering attitude is. What most of these men don’t realize, is that they aren’t viewed as balanced successful people to anyone outside their very small circles. And no, the internet is not every person in the world. Internet people on a large scale are among the most inauthentic in the pool of humanity.

There aren’t only men who provide tabloidesque type commentary; there have been women who’ve come and gone as well. It’s hard to tell what these women want most; attention from men, pissing off feminists, or simply acquiescing on any media trend they can attach themselves to in order to maximize shameless self promotion (but I repeat myself).

Whoever it is, and whatever gender they are, it’s clear that nothing they say is ever taken seriously – even by themselves.

Then there are the anti-PUA/manoshperians/feminist etc. crowd. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the pro and anti’s. When you’ve got dough-boy douche bags like David Futrell, Chris Klew, and Tim Wise who are constantly on these guy’s (the pro PUA etc. crowd) jocks, and who post daily pieces and tweets about the objects of their disgust; their arguments seem to start sounding exactly like those penned by their targets.

Remember that psycho, what was her name… Cinzia Rooshnme La Strega? She used to write scary obsessed blog posts about Roosh V that even to a malcontent like me seemed entirely stalkerish. Holy shit that old broad creeped me out. The male version of her is David Futrell. He claims to really REALLY not like Roosh V, but I’m guessing the guy is secretly lusting for his bony cock right up his ass. He Hunted The Mammoth? More like “He Dipped His Pole For Crappie”. Futrell creeps me out even more than that Rooshnme nightmare. Both are the kind of people who kind of give you that uncomfortable feeling like someone is about to molest your little sister.

Then we have buffoons like “Rollo Tomassi” and “Barbarossa” who litter the internet with complete laughable bullshit. Their long anti female screeds that their dim witted followers fall for hook, line, and sinker, reveal more about the damage they’ve suffered in their lives than they do anything useful to humanity.

“I don’t have free access to pussy!!! Waaaaaaahhhh!!!”

“Here is why women are awful for not spreading their legs for you while expecting you to act like a self sufficient, honorable, man. Booo hoooo!!!!!!”

“I have no future. I’m a fat unattractive ill tempered slob. Women don’t want husbands anymore. Therefore women are total cunts only good for banging!!!!! Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!”

In my future posts I plan to reveal why women don’t want fat ugly useless slobs (or skinny, pale, hunched over aging PUA’s) for husbands, and debunk the myth that women don’t want to get married and have happy, healthy families. I’m pretty sure you’re all going to enjoy this no matter what side of the topic you’re on.

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