The Beginning of the End

August 11, 2017 was the beginning of the end for leftist totalitarianism. Hundreds of brave men and women showed up, torches in hand, to peacefully assemble. Over the next few days the left proved their inability to allow anyone with opposing views, even if demonstrated peacefully, to be seen and heard.

Over the next few days in Charlottesville, VA members from the alt-right, and White Nationalist movements gathered to protest the removal of an historical statue of Robert E. Lee, and the unbridled influx of immigrants into the United States. It was clear early on that the Unite the Right rally was not going to be allowed to happen even though they had legal permits to gather.

Over the following weeks men were arrested for doing nothing aside from defending themselves, disallowed back into the United States for merely being a part of the rally, and completely de-platformed from the internet. In cities all over America other historic monuments are being removed or vandalized.

Now we’ve got people who’ve anointed themselves as the arbiters of the internet and the free exchange of ideas because they woke up in a bad mood, didn’t like some “assholes” and took it upon themselves to prove to the world that if you have enough power, you can indeed silence people. [Albeit temporarily. The Daily Stormer will never die.]

These things didn’t happen peacefully. They weren’t caused by Nazi’s or White Supremacists. The horrors over the last two weeks have been caused solely by the left and it’s complicit media.

Here are my thoughts on the Unite the Right rally.

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