The Racial Divide

Back in 2008 when a new President was about to be elected in the United States, then Senator Barack Obama was touted as the one man on earth who could bring the races together and cause race relations to mend. The mere possibility that a black man could become President of the formerly most powerful nation on the  globe was enough to have people shouting in the streets that finally the black community would get their just due. After he was elected terms like “post racial” were bandied about as if Obama’s election suddenly caused all racial tensions to dissolve.

Many on both sides of the discussion thought that since a black man was finally elected to the highest position in the country, and possibly the world, non white people would become more empowered realizing that if a black could become President, so could they do great things with their lives. Maybe affirmative action wasn’t necessary after all? Could it be that the United States, a mostly white nation, has set an example of what a post racial society should look like?

“Obama gon pay muh bills!”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Blacks and whites, rather non whites and whites, are more divided than they ever have been in the history of mankind. Angry vibrant black youths have a new game in which they walk up behind an unsuspecting white person and knock them out. Whites are being targeted for hate crimes at an alarming rate while the media turns a blind eye. Affirmative action programs are still in full force to the extent that companies are encouraged to hire blacks and ex cons over whites. CEO’s openly state their disdain for white men in their industry. And apparently only #BlackLivesMatter.

We’ve got politicians, white ones, who refuse to agree that all lives matter out of fear the black community will rise up against them and ruin their chances of being elected. Same goes for white owned or ran businesses, and organizations. Merely stating the fact that one life is not more important than another is enough to send hordes of angry social justice warriors to your doorsteps –  unless of course it is said in the context of  a black life mattering.

Some may call it White Genocide. Others will call it reverse discrimination. Whatever you choose to call what’s going on all over the world right now, the end result is that there is a huge fucking divide between the races. Human interactions have become so fractured and torn that blood from our wounds have started to rise in the fissures that have formed as a result of the continued baiting of the races at the hands of our politicians and liberal media.

Generally speaking whites are the smarter and kinder race. We’ve been able to rise above a lot of the bullshit and still be able to be kind and benevolent to others not of our race. Asians get it in most cases. So do Latino’s, as do many Native American. Blacks, however, are the weakest among all tribes and will fall for any amount of bullshit that is fed to them. Due to their early beginnings, and inability to evolve like other races, many blacks have always been, and have considered themselves, victims. With few exceptions, they’ve been unable to fully take care of themselves without the benevolence of (mainly white) people.

Politicians such as Barack Obama, who had the power to actually do something to repair racial tensions while acting as a good example of what you can do if you work hard no matter your race, has instead armed each and every one of his people with further cause to hate the white man. At the same time he’s encouraged the continuance of the already well established mindset of entitlement among a population of people who’ve never contributed to society, and never will. Barack Obama has done more to hurt the black community than any other President in history.

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