Their End Game Is Your Undoing

I was reading, as I often do, a piece on ROK about the End Game of the Gamma Male.  It paints a picture of the type of man who is perpetually [and much to his own disadvantage] optimistic about his woman, who regardless of his valiant efforts to please her, violates his trust and seeks pleasure and perhaps even validation elsewhere.  The story is morose and unsettling, even if its fiction.  I tend to believe there is more authenticity in the story than what’s being implied.

The truth about most men, at least the ones I know, is that they’re resilient.  They’re much more capable of bouncing back after a relationship breaks than women are.  Most men don’t seem to wallow in misery if they’ve been rejected by a woman.  They pick themselves up and get back into the game.  Their game has entirely different rules than ours, and we as women need to understand this.

Here is the thing ladies:  regardless if you think you’re smarter than men, and know how to play them to get what you want, men are better at their game than we are at ours.  They’re stronger.  Although they may at times seem clumsy within the context of love and sex, like they don’t know what they’re doing, they know exactly what they’re on about.

I will forever be an old fashioned lady, as this is how I was raised.  I don’t understand modern women and the games they play.  Why would you want to toy with a man knowing that eventually you are going to have to break his heart when you inevitably leave?  What’s to be gained in that?  What is so hard about simply telling a man you’re done?  Its best to be honest so that you both can move on and be happy.

I think I can find my answers by looking into the pathology that most modern women tend to be plagued with.

Feminism has brought disease upon the fairer gender.  I have to laugh at the irony of that sentence as there is nothing fair about issues which effect men and women.   Inequity aside, many women these days are far from feminine.  Just take a look at these.  If they’re actually attractive, they’re usually extremely slutty.  Mind you, I know that not all women are of either of these sorts, but modernity seems to champion both the repulsive militants, and the whorish.

For those beautiful but slutty women, men have got your number.  There is a shortage of quality men because so many women have done such a thorough job of ruining them.  They’ve become wise to the female game of catch and release, and are slowly backing away from meaningful relationships that last.  Men aren’t completely without fault in the disintegration of love, but women are most certainly leading the charge.

You game a man enough, you’ll end up sitting alone in a coffee shop drinking your coffee.  As you gaze out the window you see him.  He’s smiling and has another woman on his arm.  She isn’t even as pretty as you, you think to yourself.  It doesn’t matter to him however.  He’s found himself a keeper, and that keeper treats him like the King he is.

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