To be? Or not to be a NAZI?

Many in the White Nationalist movement use the Swastika to symbolize who they are.

I’m going out on a limb to say right here and now I think you all are victims of a rebellious youth you’ve failed to grow out of. So you are a Nazi eh? You’re thrusting the Nazi salute and shouting Heil Hitler! At press conferences or public appearances you stand erect in a modified parade rest, your hands crossed in front of you, with a super serious face, wearing your freshly pressed Feldbluse, cap, boots, and trousers. You are the REAL man, yes? You look ridiculous.

Of course you connect the swastika to your hero Adolf Hitler. Although I think he’s not been represented 100% honestly in written history, I don’t consider him any kind of hero. What did he do in his final moments? Did he brandish a gun, unsheathe his sword, stand before his woman, and fight to his death to protect her? No. He let her take a pill, and took his own life. He abandoned his responsibility to his people, his family, and his cause. In the end, Adolph Hitler was a coward.

Do any of you know the original meaning of the swastika? I’m not going to pour it into you. Take it upon yourself to read herehere, or here. Many of you try to defend your use of the swastika by explaining that it doesn’t mean what people think it does, and provide references to its wonderful ancient meanings. That’s all well and good, but none of you seem to be actually connecting yourselves to its original meaning or meanings. You throw the Nazi salute, shout Heil Hitler! You DO connect the swastika to Hitler and Nazism. If you are going to go full on Nazi, don’t waste your breath on talk of the swastika’s origins if you aren’t going to actually honor it in that way.

I’m not going say that every person who loves the swastika is a Nazi poser. I’m not going to encourage any of you to distance yourselves from them either. For me though, the answer to my question above is: Not to be.

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