Two Kinds


I was thinking about what motivates me to think and feel the way I do about a variety of things. Why am I frequently thinking and talking about matters that involve race, culture, and in some cases religion?

I’ve noticed that although there are different races, cultures, and ideologies, there are really only two kinds of people in the world.

  1. Those who are motivated by love.
  2. Those who are motivated by hate.

Sure there are people who claim to be all about love. When you really examine their actions and how they live their lives, what kind of politics they support, who they commiserate with, you’ll be able to deconstruct them easily in order to determine what their motivations are.

I expanded this theory by seeing if I could apply it to different races; Whites, blacks, Muslim, and Jews in particular.

Throughout history Whites have shown they are capable of great violence in order to conquer land to provide safety for their people. So have Jews, and blacks and Muslim to a certain extent but where blacks have conquered in order to gain land and a place to call home, they’ve not evolved in the same way that Whites and Jews have. If you look at any country, or even an American state ran by blacks, you will find a land filled with persistent crime, poverty, and turmoil. You will find very few places like this that have the same advanced societies you’d see in a country lead predominantly by Whites. I would include countries lead by Jews here too, but they would be incapable of survival if it weren’t for the benevolence of Whites and White countries.

Lets take three examples of countries or states lead predominantly by one race: America, Africa, and Israel. I’m going to leave Muslim countries out for now because Africa has a high enough population of Islamic Muslims (one quarter of the world’s Muslim population) to demonstrate my theory.

Out of those three countries, which do you think are motivated by love? Which are motivated by hate?

To answer that we have to look at non-revised history.

Whites came to America and conquered the land. Pissed off a few American Indian in the process, but they had this thing about scalping and shit that really turned us off. A few of them had to go. We tried to help the rest of them, but to this day many are drug and alcohol addled degenerates incapable of caring for themselves. Who helps take care of them? You guessed it! White people to the tune of billions per year. Why do we continue to assist the American Indian? Because we love them. We want them to be well. We’ve been doing this penance for couple hundred years. It’s not changed much, but still we try.

To help build our land and create a loving cradle if you will for our people to live in, Whites made the poor decision of bringing in labor from Africa. Not one of our finest moments. Lord have mercy, if we had only picked our own fucking cotton!

Oh and before you idiots start bleating about all the horrible White slave owners and their black slaves, the enslavement of blacks began in Africa way before the Whites got in on it, and continues still to this day. We evolved, whereas Africa and Africans have not on the issue of slavery, among other things.

Oh and psst… We freed our slaves and have done everything we can to help them evolve into productive personally responsible individuals with quota programs, affirmative action programs, special considerations in education, housing, and finance, along with free food, free clothes, and even free phones. Yes yes, Whites benefit from some of those things too, but per capita, blacks far out pace Whites in the use of government assistance.

We are still doing it to this day. Why do we continue to help blacks in America when they do nothing but spit in our faces? It’s because we love all people and demonstrate this love through our benevolence.

Although not part of the original Statue of Liberty, the following poem is how many still think in America:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Why do many still think that way? Because they’re motivated by love of all people, not just Whites. They want everyone to be ok.

Notice how I said they instead of I? It’s because although I have a genuine love of all people in my heart, and I’m clearly partial to my own people which is natural, the means by which I want to demonstrate my love to all people differs greatly than those who still welcome all people and want to spend and infinite amount of my money in caring for them. I’ll talk about that later.

Oh, and just a little bit more on that poem that adorns the Statue of Liberty. The statue was unveiled in 1886. The poem was written in 1883 but not applied to the statue until 1903. It was written by a Jew with good intentions. Emma Lazarus was probably one of the Jews who God apparently chose to go forth and do good in the world. Unfortunately her vision turned out to be the leading cause of destruction in America right now; multiculturalism.

So it’s been established that America is motivated by love and a never ending quest to help people. Lets move on to Israel.

Yes Israel is as advanced as America in things such as architecture, finance, culture, military defense, etc. Yes, Israel is motivated by love. But Israel is not motivated by love of all people. You see ladies and gentlemen, Israel is only concerned with what is good for the Jews. In Israel you cannot get married unless it’s to another Jew. Although the linked item says specifically that Israel doesn’t allow interfaith marriages, since being Jewish not only refers to a religious faith, it also refers to a race of people. So in short, if you aren’t Jewish, you cannot marry a Jew unless you at the very least convert to Judaism. This doesn’t sound very loving of all people and inclusive to me.

Additionally, although Israel and Jews insist that America and predominantly White European countries take in non White refugees, they positively refuse to do it themselves. Israel has ordered African migrants to get the fuck out, or face imprisonment. How loving, yes?

Be honest all you Jews out there. You don’t want illegals, and in particular African or Muslim illegals in your country any more than we do. But yet you still expect us to take them in and coddle them cradle to grave.

Now lets take a look at Africa.

Africa was originally inhabited by black people who had merely evolved to the state of living in huts and using primitive tools to hunt and build with. In the late 19th century Africa was colonized by European countries. A bunch of White people came in and started building cool buildings, infrastructure, you know, all those things civilized societies have when being civilized. These days however, the goal seems to be decolonization, and the destruction of everything that was built previously. It’s been proposed that White land owners get their land not bought, but taken from them, and given to blacks. Even before this theft was being tossed around African politics, Whites have been murdered, raped, and ran off their land by African thugs for decades. The situation in at least South Africa has become so bad that people are actually saying life was better when apartheid was a thing.

Lets face it folks, Africans do not like White people. They don’t do what they do out of love. They are killing, raping, and stealing land from productive Whites in order to give it all to black Africans. What do those black Africans do with their ill gotten goods? They either destroy or neglect it until it’s worthless like it was before the White man came in and built things up.

From “Out with those white farmers”, an article written in 2009:

Since the land seizures began a decade ago, some 4,000 owners (virtually all white) of Zimbabwe’s most productive farms have been forced out, along with their 320,000 workers (almost all black) and their families, amounting to 1m-2m people. Although around two-thirds of the land has been allocated to 140,000 poor black families, the rest has gone to Mr Mugabe’s relatives and comrades, most of whom have little or no interest in farming. Vast tracts of fertile farmland now lie fallow; agricultural output has slumped. One of Africa’s biggest food exporters is now one of its main recipients of food aid.

It sounds like Africa isn’t motivated by love but hate for not only Whites, but its very own people as well.

Throughout non-revised history, it’s been shown that although Whites are capable of great violence as every other race is, we’re also capable of great love and benevolence. We’re the only race of people who who’ve been able to recognize our faults and mistakes, and take measures to correct them.

Liberal or Democratic whites are the ones who wanted slavery and fought to make sure it continued. Conservative Whites fought to end it, and we did end it.

Liberal whites at the order of Zionist Jews are currently fighting to keep blacks enslaved and impoverished by encouraging them to suck the teat of government assistance from cradle to grave. Conservative Whites in their attempt to fight Zionist influence in our country, have tried to free blacks and other ethnic minorities from the bondage of this brand of slavery by expecting them to evolve into productive personally responsible members of society. Liberal whites and their Zionist Jew masters are fighting this notion tooth and nail, not out of love, but out of need for power over a powerless group of people.

And that’s you black people. It’s predominantly you who they target. Sure, as of recently the Latin population as well as Muslim have been thrown into the mix, but since blacks are a much larger potion of the population in the United States than the other ethnic minority groups, you, black people, are being held in slavery still to this day by the same fucking people who enslaved you so many years ago.

Conservative, truly Conservative Whites don’t want this to be the way of things. We want you to be free and happy. Why you might ask? Because those who are able to think critically about how enslavement works, love you. Yes, we love you. We may love our own people more, or in a different way, which I will say again is natural. But we love you  none the less and want you to be successful.

So here are my suggestions on how to share my love with a people who’ve been enslaved by Democrats and liberals since they were brought over on the boats from Africa after having been sold by their own people to the big bad White Man:

  1. End affirmative action not only for ethnic minorities, but gender as well.
  2. End quota systems.
  3. Stop altering requirements such as test scores in order to make it easier for any racial demographic to succeed. Standardize all educational measurements.
  4. Stop all financial benefits that are given only to ethnic minorities such as home loans, educational scholarships, and business loans.
  5. Stop government assistance in all forms including EBT, free housing, free phones, free health care, etc., to all able bodied and psychologically sound individuals. Government assistance should be reserved for only those who are completely incapable of work. People who are “differently abled” but are appropriately accommodated are able to work. So even if you’re in a wheelchair, or similarly incapacitated, you will not be considered in the group of people who can receive government assistance. Even many psychologically impaired people can do some form of work, so they should be expected to.

Sound tough? It is. It’s tough love. Since I love all people, and know that all people have the potential within themselves to do great things, I know that if all people are expected to evolve in the same manner that White people have, they will also be able to build nations, create harmony within their own communities, and flourish as a people.

What we, and when I say “we” I mean fellow White people, have been doing is merely another form of slavery by coddling blacks the way we have. How did White people become the most powerful people on the planet? We evolved, we learned to adapt, we became stronger because if we didn’t we would have starved or been killed by predators. Necessity truly is the mother of invention, and Whites have invented and reinvented more than any other race in history.

If we force blacks to, out of necessity, evolve to the point where they no longer require the White man to prop them up, they will do as Malcom X longed for them to do. They would go build their own nations, and take care of their own people.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that once this tough love is delivered, and blacks have become fully independent of the White man’s assistance, they too will flourish and become the personally responsible people just like us.

You may say, “But Harridan, we’ve tried that. What about Liberia? What about Detroit for that matter?”

True, those two areas alone are proof of what happens to a country or state when blacks are placed in high leadership roles while still having access to White assistance. My solutions listed above will not work unless they’re strictly followed. We have to completely rid all societies of special privileges and assistance based on ethnicity or gender in order for a people to rise to the same level of evolution as Whites have.

You may also say, “But Harridan, if we cut people off from their assistance, how will they eat? How will they survive if they have no roof over their heads? If they don’t have a phone which they can call for help when they need it?”

The answer to that question is simple. They will die.

There is a saying that goes, “only the strong survive” that needs to be resurrected and followed explicitly. Only the strong should survive. All others should and will perish if under normal means of living they cannot survive due to their own accomplishments. This doesn’t disallow people from receiving medical attention to cure a disease, repair a bone, or comfort an ailment (within reason). If you work and contribute to your own health care, you should be allowed to use said health care because you’ve already paid for it. Those who do not work, and aren’t truly disabled will not receive health care and will either perish, or do whatever they can to keep themselves healthy so they can live a long life.

I know this sounds harsh.

You may even think it sounds barbaric.

But it’s not. Even this God everyone keeps talking about slaps the shit out of His own people every now and then in order to force them to be good. Just as God, motivated by love for all people, created the great flood, or had all those innocent Canaanites murdered, or how he destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, I too wish to see the same tough love happened upon those who continue to refuse to evolve and do good things.

Oprah said basically the same thing about White people. That we’d just all have to die. So I can say it here and now too. However I fall into the category of people who are motivated by love where Oprah, and other blacks like her, as well as Zionist Jews, are motivated by nothing but hatred of Whites.

To recap:

Initially White Europeans who came to America, and all those who remain to this day, wanted as their goal to help the poor and indigent, those from other races, those unable to immediately care for themselves. This notion has changed. It has warped into a system which doesn’t help anyone long term except those who would benefit from keeping a certain demographic of people enslaved as the Democrats did back in the time of slavery and the KKK. It’s a different kind of oppression, but the end result is the same. A group of people are being oppressed and enslaved by others who hold all the power. One would think blacks would have figured this out a long time ago.

And yes, there are many many whites who are culpable in this continuation of keeping people as slaves. These whites are the ones black people should be railing against. These whites, who are weak and have fallen prey to Zionist Jews, proliferate in many societies. They wave one hand signaling their virtue, while their other hand they hold atop the heads of blacks and other ethnic minorities in order to keep them down. They don’t want you to evolve. They don’t ever want you to be able to truly take care of yourself. They don’t want you to be smart or accomplished. They only want you for your vote so they can continue to hold their power over your heads.

Who are you going to side with? Those who hate you and don’t want you to succeed on your own? Or those who love you and know you can succeed of your own volition?

Remember, when you answer this question what I said in the beginning. Whites are not only capable of great love, but also of great violence. We are sophisticated, if not the most sophisticated race when it comes to war.

I’ll wait.

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