What Happens When The Well Runs Dry?

They’ve played it well.  They’ve had their fun.  Women after woman, in bed after bed;  its all been a game for many a modern man.  As they grow older, and they’ve hit their wall, what will they do when their well runs dry?

Its been made clear that I despise feminists and feminism.  Feminists aren’t the only ones who are turning away from men though.  We’ve just left the building for different reasons.  Feminists do what they do in effort to diminish the power and relevance of men.  Hardly anyone except feminists believe feminism exists  for the rights of women anymore.  No further examination of feminist thought patterns is necessary.  We already have all the answers we need about them.

In the case of normal good (single) women, they (we) are turning away for a number of reasons but the greatest two are as follows:

  1. We don’t need men to provide for us anymore.
  2. We know many men despise us and consider us nothing more than deceitful bags of flesh.

The motivation to want to couple with a man is diminishing.  Their “game” has been publicized to the point that if you don’t understand how they plan to play you, you have probably been living under a rock.  Perhaps its more of an American/Western thing, but we know your lines.  We understand your body language.  We’ve learned to read your cues.  Women aren’t as stupid as many in the seduction community think we are.  We have not only grown smarter regarding what men have planned for us, we’ve learned to almost reflexively pick up on it before you’ve even reached our table.

We see you coming, and we don’t like what we see.

Women cannot be excused from their part in this.  Too many of us are drawn to the wrong kinds of men.  We’ve gone for the bad boys;  the ones who we know in our gut will break our hearts, but they’re just too alluring to resist.  Men see this and attempt to emulate the bad boy.  Unfortunately most of them fail and end up looking ridiculous in the process.  But the mentally challenged women like the ones who fawned over Elliot Roger after he went on his killing spree, or the ones who lusted after Jeremy Meeks who is an habitual criminal;  your purposefully ignorant behavior has played a big role in all of this.

Even so, there are women out there who aren’t interested in the bad boy type.  They want normal, decent, honest men who they know won’t hurt them.  The only problem is, we’ve become gun shy.  When we see you walking up to our table we are pretty sure you are going to try to game us.  When we think of game, we think of men who only want to have sex with us.  We’ve learned to spot you, and we don’t want anything to do with you.

Another problem as I see it, is men and women aren’t interacting with each other at the right time, in the right place.  There has been some advice given here recently (be it fake or not), but I’m going to give some real advice that can apply to both men and women.

You won’t meet a good mate at a bar.  Most women know this.  That’s why we are so hard to reach when out partying with friends.  If you see a woman at a bar, she is probably there to enjoy herself with her friends and doesn’t want to be bothered by you.  Men don’t seem to understand this.  Too many of them think they are going to find a quality woman at a bar.  They won’t.  Not anymore these days at least.  I quit going to bars a couple of years ago, so I can only guess about this, but I bet that at least 90% of the women at bars are there to let hopeful guys buy them drinks while they’re spending most of their time talking to their female friends.

So what do men do when their well runs dry;  when they’re no longer the hot young stud they used to be;  when their sexual prospects look bleak and the landscape looks barren?  Stop going to bars.  Stop trying to engage women for the sole purpose of sex.  Try to respect women who deserve it more, and spew your vitriol towards us less.  Otherwise, what’s our incentive to want to be with you?

What should the women do?  Stop trying to get with bad boys who are nothing but scum.  Quit expecting men to foot your bill (for everything).  Be nice to guys who are nice.  Relax and enjoy each other again.

And smile…

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