What really causes poverty?

I’ve been angry about this subject for years.  I’ve moved several times to get away from it.  What is it? Its HUD’s practice of moving poor urban people into suburban or otherwise nice safe areas in the interest of diversity.  HUD pays their rent, and people who otherwise would never be able to afford to live in that house, our townhouse, or apartment are now your new neighbor.  The color of their skin isn’t the problem.  The problem is they bring every bit of the ghetto with them that they can.  Trash accumulates around their homes.  Noise levels go through the roof.  For the first time you hear gun shots what seems like right outside your window.  Surrounding homes and cars are being broken into.  Young filthy children run around at all hours of the day and night; many of them don’t attend school regularly.  If you try to complain to them, or anyone for that matter, you are labeled racist.

I’ve found myself stuck in this situation too many times to count.  I keep moving to what I think will be a predominantly white neighborhood only to find that HUD is relocating more ghetto families to the nicer areas of town to give them a chance to prosper, and hopefully not live a life of poverty and crime.  Reality has it that this doesn’t work no matter how liberals try to manipulate data.  The zip code isn’t the problem.  The problem is that [for the most part] black people (and whites with similar mindsets), no matter where they live or were raised, will always bring their culture with them.  Poor blacks in poor neighborhoods are being told the same thing poor blacks in richer areas are;  you are a victim, and whitey owes you!

It’s unfortunate because for the few black people who are actually decent hard-working people, there are those like myself who still don’t want them in our neighborhoods because of the heightened potential that someone in their circle of family, friends, or acquaintances will come into the neighborhood and cause crime and destruction in one form or another.  Additionally, even the good blacks don’t seem to have the courage to speak out against the people in their lives who cause havoc.  Blacks always protect other blacks.  This is something that never changes.

The Obama administration has been using HUD to “diversify” neighborhoods for a while now, although this process isn’t unique to just his Presidency.  HUD has been paying for dependent blacks for years, trying as hard as possible to move them out of the ghetto, and into nice neighborhoods in the interest of fairness.  My issue with this goes beyond race, and the problems caused when large numbers of blacks populate an area.  My complaint is that its unfair for me to work hard day in and day out, year after year, and then all I can afford is a little apartment in a relatively nice city.  I then see blacks who are generational welfare recipients living in nicer, larger apartments, or houses, all paid for by my tax dollars.  The other day I was in the home of one of these HUD recipients.  This person doesn’t work, but can and should, but lives in a $850.00 a month spacious townhouse with 2 bedrooms and a loft in a very nice part of town.  It sickens me!  This individual will never work.  They get their food, shelter, and more paid for and they are expected to put forth NO effort to get it!

I am sick to death of seeing this same scenario over and over.  I work so hard, and seem to get so little in return for it.  THEN I get some thug just snatched from the ghetto and deposited right next door to me!  This street used to be so nice and well cared for.  No crime.  No noise.  A ghetto family was moved into a building next door.  Everything has changed.  More trash, crime, and noise.  Never in my life have I ever had to fear getting bed bugs in my home.  Not long after this family moved in, the building next door to me had to be treated for bed bugs.  They were brought in by the relocated family.  I know bed bugs show no discrimination in who they infest, but urban areas are known for rampant infestations.  Any reasonable person who knew they had a bed bug infestation would take precautions so that neighbors would not have to suffer having them too.  But no!  This family thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to take their infested furniture and dump it right outside on the street!  THIS is one of the biggest ways these bugs are spread!  The little crawly things will walk and walk and walk until they find a human environment to infest, and humans to feed on.  You don’t leave your infested belongings on the curb.

Bed bugs aside, imagine living in a nice neighborhood, then all the sudden you start seeing abandoned nasty furniture and junk accumulating on the curbs.  THIS is normal for these people.  They think its ok.  ITS NOT!

You can take the thug out of the ghetto, but the ghetto NEVER leaves the thug.  Its not the zip code that nurtures thugs, and thug behavior;  its their CULTURE!  People need to stop denying this!

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