When Social Autism Takes a Dangerous Turn: Zoe Quinn Edition

She emotionally abused a boyfriend and cheated on him. As a result of her ex boyfriend exposing all this, Gamergate was born. Then the flood gates opened. More corruption within the game journo community was exposed. Even if an e-celeb had nothing to do with Quinn, game journalism, or even games, everyone with a computer and Twitter account tagged along using the trend for attention and self exposure.

Some really nasty things were said and done. Zoe Quinn became a living and breathing train wreck of a woman, and continues in this role to this day.

Zoe’s latest misadventure began with the following tweet:

She offered this truth so naturally and effortlessly that it caused twitterer’s jaws to drop. She had absolutely no problem with what she just admitted to. When others, including our own Lord Pedant, began hammering at her admission of a clearly ignorant and dangerous behavior, she went into full social justice warrior mode. She began attempting to accuse those who disagreed with her that they were part of the gamergate mob, the same mob that “harrassed” her after everyone found out what a climbing manipulative slut she is.

There were others who called her on the carpet:

But the best schooling came from a Biologist:

Melissa then goes on to fully substantiate her tweets. Just click on her name in her tweet above.

In true form, Zoe proceeded to deflect any attempts at getting her to understand her error. She went full victim mode. Instead of admitting she was wrong, she attempted to put it back on to her detractors by accusing them of biphobia, HIV phobia, and suggests that people who are against her notion that lying to public health officials is o.k. are treating HIV positive people like untouchable monsters.

This could actually be a good thing. If she starts focusing on HIV and Aides issues instead of schlepping her much used ass all around the gaming community, we all might feel a little safer and happier without her presence.

After having followed the story surrounding Zoe Quinn and the game journo problem, and witnessing how tragically unaware she is about her social autism, even after all the shitty things she’s said and done and projected all her problems onto someone else, I still feel empathy for her. She’s an admitted major depressive and has suffered this illness since she was a teenager. She is not doing and saying the things she does because she’s a shitty person. She is the way she is because the chemicals that control thought and mood are all fucked up in her.

It appears she has not gotten the right combination of meds which might be able to control the inappropriate behaviors that she demonstrates regularly. She is still completely unaware that her seemingly nonchalant treatment of criticism, is indicative that she is still being controlled by her faulty wiring. I usually don’t attempt to address such issues in other people because my thought is that they are adults and can take care of themselves. (Their destructive behavior and thought patterns aren’t really hurting anything, right?) But in this case Zoe’s depression and subsequent social autism has caused her to engage in lying about important shit that could potentially impact someone else’s life in an extremely negative way.

Tweet after tweet, people tried to get Zoe to understand that it was her lying about her sexual activities to a blood bank that they had a problem with, not that she was dick surfing bi guys. She really and truly had no clue that her behavior was dangerous. Not only that; since she has such a large following, her lie and support of future lying by other people could potentially lead to loss of life. No one, no matter how they worded responses to get her to understand, was able to get her to actually come out and say, “You know what? You’re right. I shouldn’t have lied, and I shouldn’t being encouraging others to lie.” She just wouldn’t budge.

Close but not enough Zoe. We want you to undo what you did and make a public statement that your lying to a blood bank about your sexual history was wrong, and that you either won’t do it again, or will just stop donating blood. Deal?

I wish there was at least one person in this young woman’s life who would take her under their wing and help her; get her to understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior; but most importantly get her in front of a doctor so he or she may be able to help put her on a good drug regime so she can be well and not a danger to herself or others.

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