White Pearls

Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Its unfortunate that on any kind of media, people who are proud of their race, and if they happen to be White, are attacked, then silenced. There doesn’t seem to be too many places for which those who are White and proud are allowed to speak freely, and honestly. Jew controlled media has made sure of this. If someone so much as utters something about race, the conversation is shut down if it contains even the most subtle nuance of anti-black concepts.

Crime statistics are all anti-black because they show that although blacks comprise only about 14% of the population in the US, they commit most of the violent crimes. Whites aren’t allowed to talk about such things. Talking about facts is racist if it shows blacks, Jews, or any minority in an undesirable light.

I shared the bible quote above because too many of us waste too much time trying to express our thoughts to those who don’t deserve to receive them. Too many of us attempt to educate those who are UN-educatable. There is no point trying to get blacks to understand the folly of their ways. Most blacks are entirely happy being just like they are; disgusting, filthy, lazy, ignorant and dependent. They will never change. They aren’t interested in becoming productive members of society. They want YOU and I to take care of them forever.

Don’t waste your time reaching out to the black population. All they will do is trample on your efforts then attack you in any way they can. They will get you suspended from various social media websites. They will make you lose your job. They will harass you at your home. They will single out your children at school. Their white counterparts will come after you as well. I’m sure you’ve met them; white, progressive, and all about multiculturalism.

There are those who may be able to receive the knowledge you have about what it means to be White, and what the future may hold for our race and our children. Focus on speaking and writing to people who are not completely lost. You will know them when you meet them. They will ask you honest questions. They will allow for honest dialogue. They will not immediately discount what you’re saying. They aren’t swine yet. They may be your future brother or sister. Find a way to approach them and speak to them on their own level.

Slowly but surely the word is getting out there that the black race has had well enough time to recover from whatever problems incurred during the slavery years. Whites have taken care of them long enough, and given them enough opportunities to learn, work, and grow. They have quite clearly failed at becoming fully functioning humans. More and more people are recognizing that racism has turned tables. Its now being directed at Whites. Not enough are saying the words though. We need as many people with courage to keep talking, writing, and educating those who need to learn.

Just don’t cast your pearls before swine.

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