Yes Virginia, Our Vaginas *ARE* Made For That!

According to this blogger, our vaginas aren’t made for having sex, or being penetrated at all.  In fact, if our vaginas are used for this purpose, its always rape.  If a man penetrates our vagina with his penis, according to the nutter linked above, its a man’s way to oppress us, control our reproductive rights, and well, a number of other horrifying things.

After reading that blog one can only come to the conclusion that there are some extremely damaged women out there in the blogosphere.  A couple of gems for our amusement:

  • Intercourse is the very means through which men oppress us, from which we are not allowed to escape…
  • Intercourse is inherently harmful to women and intentionally so, because it causes pregnancy in women…
  • [It] causes all sorts of tears, bruises, swelling, discomfort, STDs, vaginal infections, urinary infections, genital warts, HIV and death.

Its vaginacide!

The woman who wrote this is perhaps the most damaged [either physiologically or psychologically] I’ve ever read on the Internet.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in a few years she has either attempted to, or has successfully offed herself.  I truly hope that those who know her off-line will urge her to seek psychological care immediately.  Unfortunately, it seems her fans are of the same mindset.  Read the following comment by someone named talkingtomyself16:

I’m done with the notion that piv [penis in vagina] should be used for reproduction alone, if practiced at all on a female. There’s just no need for it. Our bodies weren’t made for that.

Crazy people, they’re everywhere.

I’m compelled to divulge the cold, hard [rather warm and squishy] facts about the vagina.  They are as follows:

  • The vagina is made up of elastic and muscular tissue.  Its specifically made to expand and contract depending on the activity at hand.  It contracts to hug the penis as tightly as possible so that pleasure is enhanced, increasing the possibility of ejaculation.  Nature wants the man to ejaculate so that his swimmers can find their way to an egg and cause fertilization.  Without fertilization, there are no babies.  No babies means the world will eventually die.  If the vagina wasn’t meant to receive penetrating objects such as a penis, there would be no need for this physiological structure that most vaginas have.  It would instead be a passage with no purpose.  Nothing needs to go in.  Nothing needs to go out, right?
  • Sexual intercourse isn’t just for making babies.  Enter, the clitoris.
  • During sex the woman becomes aroused [if the guy knows what he’s doing] and the highly vascularized walls of the vagina swell and cause fluid to be forced into the vaginal canal providing lubrication needed so that penetration, say, with a penis, is not painful.  [In fact, making it downright pleasurable!]  This happens naturally, praise The Lord!  If the vagina wasn’t meant for sexual pleasure and penetration, this lubricating process would have been written out of the design.
  • A vagina engorged with blood due to sexual excitement becomes warmer which naturally makes the experience more pleasurable for the man.  A woman doesn’t care how hot her vagina is.  If the vagina wasn’t meant for intercourse, why would all these lovely things happen spontaneously during penetration?  Our vagina, in most cases, is not a cold flaccid hole meant to define a political faction that likes to go out in public with huge cloth ones hanging around their necks!
  • One truth that men need to understand, that perhaps coincides slightly with one comment made by the above named blogger, is that most of the pleasure zones are located within the first third of the vagina.  Good news guys!  You don’t have to have a huge penis to bring your girl to orgasm!  Plus, a really huge one can cause pain if you go in like a bull at the rodeo.  No need to take out an ovary fellas!

Our wonderful, soft, velvety vaginas were indeed made to be penetrated.  If having a penis in yours causes you pain, its best you speak to your doctor as there are many reasons, physiologically and psychologically, that can cause this.  There are remedies ladies, so no need to worry.

As ladies we do need to take good care of our vaginas.  Unprotected sex increases your chances of becoming diseased.  Casual sex with multiple partners, either protected or unprotected, will increase the likelihood you will become psychologically wounded, rendering you useless not only to men, but society as a whole.  Men don’t love sluts, do they?

Being a lady or a true Queen requires you to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy.  There is nothing wrong or dirty about having sex.  We shouldn’t feel ashamed that while having sex we feel pleasure.  However, sharing your goodies with whatever man that comes around is never a good long term strategy.  A subject for another blog I’m sure.

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